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Your wedding is a special event in your life, whether you envision a simple occasion with just your two witnesses or an elaborate affair with family and friends. Your ceremony may be held at the Toronto Civic Wedding Chambers at Toronto City Hall or at a location of your choice. Our carefully selected Officiants are licenced, experienced and professional. Wherever you choose to be married, we will make your wedding a memorable occasion.

Why choose Toronto City Hall for your wedding?

The Toronto City Hall, nestled in the vibrant heart of the city, offers a truly special location for your ceremony. Its prime location is easily accessible, making it convenient for you and your guests.

In the front, Nathan Phillips Square provides a versatile outdoor area perfect for stunning photos, receptions, or even open-air events. During winter, the square's reflective pool transforms into a beautiful ice rink, adding a magical touch to your occasion.


The Venue

Celebrating a distinctive milestone, your wedding embodies a cherished moment, whether it be a quiet, intimate ceremony or an elaborate gala surrounded by loved ones.

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Wedding Officiants

Celebrating a distinctive milestone, your wedding embodies a cherished moment, whether it be a quiet, intimate ceremony or an elaborate gala surrounded by loved ones.

Need help choosing a wedding location?

Considering a memorable wedding venue? While the Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers offers an iconic setting, remember that The City of Toronto offers many unique locations for ceremonies.

City Parks, Gardens and indoor Conservatories can be rented for your ceremony and for your wedding day photography sessions. Information about permits for these locations are available here.

Museums and Cultural Centre locations can be rented for ceremonies and some will accommodate your plans for a reception. For Information on renting these locations click here.

Civic Centre Chambers offer lovely spaces for your marriage ceremony. Information about the locations, including room size and seating, is available online. Availability of the Civic Centres can be viewed and booked online here.

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Just Married!

Happy couples recently married at the Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on the journey to your dream wedding is filled with excitement and curiosity, so we've compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions to help guide your path to that unforgettable day.

Where can I download the "Reminders for your wedding ceremony" document?

Click here to download the "Reminders for your wedding ceremony" document.

What do we need to be married?

A valid Marriage Licence.  Marriage Licences must be applied for in person at your local municipal office. Visit to reach the site How to get the government documents you need if you plan to marry in Ontario.   Licences expire after three months. If your plans change and your licence expires, it must be repurchased.  A valid Marriage Licence is required for the ceremony to take place. 

Two witnesses. By law, you must provide two witnesses for your ceremony. Witnesses can be family, friends or acquaintances. They do not need to be Canadian residents or citizens. I.D. is not required. They will sign documents as part of the ceremony proceedings and their signatures will remain part of your official marriage records.  The Wedding Chambers is not responsible for providing witnesses.

A Registered Marriage Officiant. You can book your Officiant through us once you know the date, time and location of your ceremony.  Please contact us at 416 363 0316 to book our services.

Where and when do I get my marriage licence?

You may purchase your marriage licence at City Hall or any municipality within the Province of Ontario.  You can download an application form or obtain further information from to reach the site How to get the government documents you need if you plan to marry in Ontario. 

If a divorce has taken place outside Canada, specific requirements must be met before a marriage licence can be issued.  Visit the above link or call the Toronto Marriage Licence Office at 416-392-7036 for more details.

Your marriage licence is valid for three months from the date issued.  If the licence expires, it is no longer valid and you will need to purchase another licence.

How do I book a ceremony at Toronto City Hall?

Contact our office Monday through Friday, between 9:00am to 5:00pm at 416 363 0316, or drop by in person. Please note, the non refundable fee of $325.00 is due at the time of booking.

Does the Wedding Chambers at Toronto City Hall include the Marriage Officiant who conducts the ceremony?

Yes, the fee of $325.00 includes the Chambers and the Marriage Officiant.

How far in advance do we need to schedule a date?

For Toronto City Hall weddings, some months are busier than others, with Saturday being our most popular day.  Please book as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred time.   We can accommodate short notice bookings on most weekdays. 

For ceremonies at your location, we suggest you book as soon as you have established the date, time and location for your ceremony.

Call us Monday through Friday, at 416 363 0316 to check our availability.  

What if we want to change the date of our City Hall ceremony?

We allow one change to your City Hall booking date or time.  We require two business days notice, if your ceremony is booked Monday-Thursday.   We require two weeks notice, if your ceremony is booked on a Friday or Saturday.

Do I need to have a marriage licence before I can book a wedding date at the Wedding Chambers?

A marriage licence is not required when scheduling a date with us; however, a valid marriage licence is required on the day of your wedding ceremony. The marriage cannot take place without a valid marriage licence.

Do you provide witnesses?

The Wedding Chambers is not responsible for providing witnesses.  By law, you must provide two witnesses for your ceremony.  Your witnesses can be family, friends or acquaintances. ​ They do not need to be Canadian residents or citizens to be your witnesses.

What if the couple or the witnesses do not speak English?  Someone must be present at the ceremony who can translate and it must be someone other than one of the persons being married.

When should we arrive?

Couples, witnesses and guests should plan ahead to arrive at your ceremony location at least 20 minutes in advance of the ceremony.  Traffic congestion and parking availability is influenced by the many cultural and sporting events that are held in our wonderful city each day.

If you arrive late for your scheduled time at City Hall, we will do our best to fit your ceremony into the schedule when an opening occurs.   If you arrive late at another location, your ceremony may not be performed, as the Officiant or the room may no longer be available.

Where is Toronto City Hall?

Click here to view map.

City Hall is located at 100 Queen St. W.  which is on the ​North - West corner of Queen St W. & Bay St

The map displays the Chamber location with a star and nearby parking and transit locations.

Where is the Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers?

The Wedding Chambers is on the 3rd floor in the East tower of Toronto City Hall.

Enter City Hall through the wooden doors (North of the Toronto sign) and walk past the security desk. You will see signs that will direct you to the Wedding Chamber elevators.

Follow the signs to the East Elevators. An elevator button specifically for the Wedding Chambers level is indicated, as ​only elevators 1, 3, & 4 stop on the 3rd floor where the Chambers is located.

How long does a ceremony take?

The duration of City Hall ceremonies is approximately 12 – 15 minutes followed by the signing of the Register.  The remaining time may be spent taking pictures and visiting with family and friends.

For weddings at another location, the duration of the ceremony varies, depending on what you have planned with your Officiant.

May we take pictures during the ceremony?

Pictures and videos are permitted at any time during the ceremony.

Is the Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers decorated?

The Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers provides a modern ambience with fresh flowers.  Pictures are available for viewing on the Toronto City Hall page and in our Photo Gallery.  You are also welcome to drop by in person to view the space.

Do you provide music at Toronto City Hall?

We carry a selection of classical music on CD at the Wedding Chambers. You are welcome to bring your own selection of music either in CD format, or on your phone using our auxiliary chord.

What type of ceremony do you perform?

We perform a non-religious ceremony at the Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers.

What do your Officiants wear to the ceremony?

Our Officiants wear an academic gown when performing ceremonies.

What do couples wear for the ceremony?

There is no dress code at the Wedding Chambers. Some couples arrive in elaborate, traditional dress, while others arrive in casual dress. 

May we write our own vows and have friends read?

Yes, you may bring your own vows and include readings of your choice; however, we know you will be happy with the ceremony the Officiant provides for you.

Are rings mandatory?

This is not a legal requirement. It is your choice.

Can we view the vows on your website?

Each officiant performs their own ceremony, there is not just one version of vows that we can post and confirm will be in your ceremony.

What is the structure of the ceremony? What should we expect?
  • Once you arrive you will be asked for your Marriage Licence.  You will also be asked if you are exchanging rings (which is optional) and whether you would like to make an entrance with music or simply begin at the front.
  • The ceremony begins with a few words of welcome and an address to the couple, followed by a reading and/or poem
  • The couple is asked if they are free and willing to be married and to join right hands (an expression of intent)
  • Vows are exchanged
  • Rings are exchanged, accompanied by a reading of the symbolism of the rings
  • A reading or poem and good wishes
  • Pronouncement and signing of the Marriage Register
What if I don't want a ceremony?

To be legally married, a Registered Officiant, clergy or a judge must solemnize the marriage before 2 witnesses.  If you are requesting only the legal parts of the ceremony, with no elaboration, this would entail:

  • asking if you are free and willing to be married
  • the joining of hands
  • an exchange of vows
  • the Pronouncement/Declaration of marriage and the signing

(The above are expressions of intent and consent)

What will I receive after the ceremony?

Following the ceremony, you will receive your Record of Solemnization of Marriage from the Officiant.  Your licence will be mailed the same day to the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay for registration. 

After approximately 8 weeks, you may request a formal Marriage Certificate from the Office of the Registrar General. 

How do I get an official marriage certificate?

A Marriage Certificate is the legal document that proves you are married. It may take 12 weeks or more for your Marriage to be Registered and the Certificate issued. 

Click here to reach the provincial Getting Married site to understand how to apply for your Marriage Certificate.

How do I change my name in Ontario after the ceremony?

There should be an information sheet regarding a name change included with the information you received at the time you purchased your marriage licence.  You may also contact the local Office of the Registrar General at 47 Sheppard Ave. E. at 416-325-8305.  Click here to reach the provincial Getting Married site to understand how you may change your name

How much does it cost to marry at Toronto City Hall Wedding Chambers?

$325.00 HST Included.

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